Have you just set up your business and you are looking for a Freight Forwarder who can handle your shipments to and from the UAE?

Here are top 4 things you should look out for when choosing a Freight Forwarder in the UAE

● Global Network:

Inquire if the freight forwarder is member of a global network such as FIATA or privately-owned networks like WCA World and verify their membership on respective network’s websites. Reputed networks admit only financially secure and reputable forwarders. For instance, Cargo Line's membership in WCA World, NorthStar, DigiFreight, LATAM, UAE's National Association of Freight & Logistics (NAFL), and FIATA required financial and service capability assessments, as well as reference checks. Certain networks such as UAE’s NAFL allow customers to complain about a specific member and they handle such complaints seriously with future membership renewal at stake.

Membership in a global network ensures Cargo Line provides customers with lower freight costs, quicker transit, unmatched reliability, adherence to best shipping practices and assures contractual integrity.

● Number of Years in Operation:

Though not a guarantee, a forwarder operating for at least five years in a country like the UAE has experienced various business cycles and has navigated a changing legal landscape. The last five years have seen introduction of VAT laws, alterations in company incorporation rules, the pandemic and its extreme effects on cash flows and supply chain, and uncertainties due to wars.

Freight forwarders are highly vulnerable to global events impacting trade, cash liquidity, and local legislation changes requiring heightened regulatory compliance.
They take responsibility for cargo moving across various country’s borders subject to myriad regulations so the chance of something going wrong is moderately high. In such cases, effectively navigating uncertainties is a skill that only the best forwarders exhibit.

Cargo Line's success stems from its team with over 20 years of experience (since 2004) in the UAE, ensuring that you're backed by a group that has withstood the most rigorous tests of time.

● Choose a UAE Freight Forwarder who also has a Customs Broker license:

In the UAE, don’t work with a Freight Forwarder that outsources Customs Clearance.
This is because shipment delays often occur due to additional hold-ups by Customs officials, and a company that outsources this aspect lacks the in-house knowledge and direct access to government officials needed to effectively manage the process.

Imagine entrusting your car's maintenance to a mechanic who outsources their engine work. The expertise is diminished, and communication with the specialist becomes indirect, leading to potential delays and misunderstandings, ultimately impacting the quality and efficiency of the service provided.

At Cargo Line, we have a team of well-trained, experienced customs brokers who possess the expertise and knowledge needed to accurately prepare and submit commercial documentation for customs clearance, ensuring that our clients adhere to import and export regulations. We can provide the correct advice to help structure your import and export business, ensuring that your shipments are cleared smoothly and efficiently, without any delays or fines. Contact us today to learn more about our customs brokerage services.
Pro-tip💡: Learn How to check who is the customs broker for your shipment?

● Choose a company that can prepare a detailed Scope of Work:

When it comes to shipping goods, it's important to work with a freight forwarder who can provide a clear Scope of Work document. This document outlines all the aspects of shipping that are included in the price quote, as well as any exclusions. Having a clear understanding of the scope of work upfront can help avoid price escalations due to unsuitable documents or misunderstandings about the project requirements.

At Cargo Line, we understand the importance of a clear Scope of Work document. As a preferred freight and logistics service provider, we work with clients from a variety of industries and take pride in our rich experience and high level of accountability. We take the time to carefully listen to our clients' requirements and ensure that we agree on the scope of work before beginning any project. From there, we take responsibility for getting the shipment delivered on time and within budget.

Looking for reliable, efficient shipping solutions? Contact us today to learn how we can help you meet your logistics needs.

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