Antonio Signorini, born in Italy and based in Dubai – is a renowned artist whose sculptures stood tall and proud at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). His company - 71 Structural Art and the century old Frilli Gallery from Rome, Italy organised an outdoor art exhibition and chose Cargo Line as their logistics partner to transport and install their artworks. The venue was DIFC's stunning Gate Avenue Roof Top.


Just the way every inch of the artworks were crafted to perfection – similarly, every inch of our move was executed with precision.

We moulded ourselves to the task in such a way that there were multiple Plan B's. Contingency based approach to building transport solutions breeds Reliability - which, for us at Cargo Line, is as fundamental a principle as our client's sculpture "DNA" is to life.

We scoured across the UAE and procured a forklift that uniquely suited the weight capacity & dimensions of the cargo elevator at DIFC. This effort greatly improved safety in material handling as we were able to transport the sculptures (packed in crates) to their designated spots at DIFC's Gate Avenue Roof top, in the safest way possible!


Our approach floored our client!

Since most of the artworks were heavy, our team used a tailor-made floor-protection technique where rubber mats were used to transport the artworks around the location. Our approach truly floored our client!


The sculptures were specially cushioned in the crates just like a jewel embedded in a box. Heavy duty sling belts were used to lift each sculpture, along with a customized mounting technique for each piece – a carpet at the bottom, followed by a rubber mat (thickness: 8 mm), a pedestal, finally followed by the artwork that was regally placed at the very top like a shining crown.

We Love to Listen!

At Cargo Line, we lend a keen ear to our client’s requirements. Just as a sculptor introspects and envisions his/her artwork, our attention to detail about our client's requirements enables us to create powerful solutions that are customized and reliable.

Keeping Our Clients Close...wait...Closest

The angle at which the sculpture is positioned, the way the light reflects off of the sculpture...these were the finishing touches that our clients expected. We translated every wish of our customer into pragmatic operational moves and achieved what our customers desired. We had the good fortune of working with Mr. Signorini closely and the experience of working with the creator, managing his creations and getting a pat on the back was professionally fulfilling for our team!


Visioning a transportation master plan to save costs

Import for Re-export:-

Our client vested their faith in us to envision a transportation master plan and curate transport procedures at the very inception of organizing this exhibition. Since many sculptures were imported from overseas, we suggested an Import for Re-export customs declaration – a feature that enabled a temporary import of all artworks just by paying a customs duty deposit that was re-claimed as soon as all art works were re-exported out of the UAE. Since these artworks were expensive, this feature brought about massive savings on customs duty. The type of equipment, the number of manpower, the number of vehicles, the work hours spent - every aspect was optimized to save costs yet achieve results.

Trust - a cornerstone of our relationship with our customers


Mr. Signorini's rapport with our team was built on a foundation of Trust. He witnessed the manner in which we executed our plan with precision, confidence, pragmatism and care. Every step taken by us reassured the client that our thought process and problem solving abilities were absolutely shatterproof. The trust developed into a deep rooted connection to such a wonderful extent that Cargo Line was subsequently appointed for multiple other movements of his artwork.

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